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General data protection of BitMeUp UG

Version Hamburg (Germany), 24th May 2018

This Version is translated from the German Version. Should translation errors or misunderstandings occur, the German version will be used as the legal basis.

A request for these stored personal data can (every 30 days) be requested here:

Data protection policy

BitMeUp UG operates various games and services in which data is retrieved to ensure fairness and safety in the game. The protection and security of this personal data is very important to us, therefore we want to show as transparent as possible here which data are collected and for what purpose.
We try to explain this as much as possible, but we can do that not always show exact functionallity, because otherwise "simple" countermeasures can be performed by users to our functions for example to bypass the multi-control.

The BitMeUp UG and the teams of the games hope that our community understand this.

1. Data transmission / data logging
When visiting the pages and services of BitMeUp, the web servers automatically log files, that can not be assigned to a specific person. This data includes for example the browser type and version, used operating system, referrer URL (the previously visited page), IP address of the requesting user, access date and time of the server request and the file request of the client (file name and URL). These data are collected only for the purpose of statistical evaluation. Forwarding to third parties, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, does not take place.

2. Use of personal data
Personal information will only be collected or processed if you provide this information voluntary, e.g. in the context of a request. Unless required reasons In connection with a business transaction, you can always revoke this previously granted approval of your personal data storage with immediate effect (for example by e-mail or fax). Your data will not be displayed Third party, unless a disclosure is required by law or this is necessary for service processing (see email shippment, BitMeUp Support and BitMeUp: Payment)

3. Information, modification and deletion of your data
In accordance with applicable law, you can always ask us (mail or fax) if and which personal data are stored about you. You will receive a message immediately. We ask you to note that a deletion of game accounts may not be possible. In that case (unless legally required for billing or tracking purposes), we will remove all personal data from the game account.

4. Security of your data
Your personal information provided to us will be saved with all technical and organizational security measures, that they are inaccessible to unauthorized third party access. When sending very sensitive data or information, it is recommended to use the post way, as a complete data security by e-mail is not guaranteed.

5. Cookies
On some of our sites we use "cookies" to give you the Facilitate / enable the use of our websites. These are small text files, during the visit, but also when leaving the web pages, which are stored on your hard drive. Depending on the setting of your browser program, you can delete them automatically when exiting the browser. These cookies do not call any stored informations or about you on your hard drive and will not affect your PC or its files. Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can deactivate the saving of cookies or set your browser to that he warn you before sending cookies.

6. Changes to this Privacy Policy
From time to time, we will update these guidelines to protect your personal information. You should occasionally look at these guidelines to get started stay abreast of how we protect your information and how we improve the content of our Websites and Services constantly. Should we make any significant changes to this policy, the use and / or disclosure of the information provided to us by you Personal data, we will inform you through a clear and good make visible reference on our websites, services or games. By using the website, you agree to the terms of these policies to protect personal data.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact us via the contact page.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so-called "cookies", that means Text files on your computer stored and that allows an analysis of the use of the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to a Google server in the US and saved there. Google will use this information to your use of this Website, to create reports on website activity for the website operators. Also, Google will provide this information if required by law or if third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Google will not work in any case connect/compare your IP address with other Google data. You can prevent the Installation of the cookies by a corresponding setting of your browser software ; however, please be aware that in this case you may be can not fully use all functions of these websites and services. By use the website, services or games of BitMeUp UG, you agree with the processing of Data collected about you by Google in the manner described above and previously named purpose.

BitMeUp-Team structure

What is a chat moderator:     
A chat moderator is a volunteer member of our community     focused on looking after the chat. These players are still     participate in the game.

What is a board moderator:
Board moderators have access to data and administrative functions of the used      Board "Forum" software. Board moderators can also obtain other BitMeUp team ranks.      If only the board moderator rank is exercised, is the participation in our games      still possible. Board moderators have signed a "secrecy"-contract created by the BitMeUp UG and are aware that they and      BitMeUp UG works with confidential customer data.

What is a team member:
Team members have access to scripts and programs developed by BitMeUp UG,      which allows to view logs and evaluations of game content or actions.      This applies exclusively to the care of the games and to monitoring the services and      fairness. All team members have signed a "secrecy"-contract created by the BitMeUp UG and are aware that they and      BitMeUp UG works with confidential customer data.
private messages

You can write private messages in the chat, forum or in games with other players.
It is possible to play all games without accessing an existing in-game messaging system or Chat system.

A use of these functions is only possible if the user agrees that in a suspected case of violation of the Laws of the Game, the terms and conditions or applicable law, the Team and operators are authorized to access to private and other messages or any Data in the appropriate tool.
The team and the operator thus have full access to the user incorporated information and data in the respective system, even if he/she revoke the access at a later date.
If you want access to these functions, you can enable this in the settings of the respective game. The withdrawal of the permit is possible at any time. We explicitly point out the message/data created at the time where the user agreed this terms - the team can fully access all this informations.

We would like to point out once again that private messages are only viewed if there is a suspicion of a violation of law, terms and conditions or rules of the game.
No team member will read private messages for no reason.
Of course, in the case of a required insight, no private messages are published, Provided to third parties (except to legal authorities, for example: police, in the case of a criminal offense) or otherwise published.
We take the privacy of every user very seriously and we will (like all participant players) bring the fairness and punish crimes, misconduct in the game or Clarify rule breaches.
BitMeUp E-Mail shipment
BitMeUp UG has commissioned SendGrid Inc. to send e-mail messages.
Shipping by an externally trained company has the advantage:
• Cases of unsolicited emails rarely occur because of spam filters
• Mass mailing (newsletter) uncomplicated and can be realized correctly
• Spam blacklist entries are minimized by incorrectly sending messages
To do this, the BitMeUp UG uses an encrypted connection to transmit the e-mail address and the text and subject of the e-mail to the SendGrid servers.
SendGrid is a big company with a very good reputation and the highest professionalism Uses customer data to fulfill their service and does not pass it on to third parties.
The purpose for the BitMeUp UG as well as for SendGrid is in this ratio the correct e-mail delivery. SendGrid does not want to receive profit from the sale of email or other user information at any time.
For more information about SendGrid Inc. privacy policy, please visit:
BitMeUp Board "Forum" Software
BitMeUp UG uses WoltLab GmbH's forums software ( which cares the development and further updates of the software.
The BitMeUp UG points out that we have the default settings for data collection and deletion of the Woltlab GmbH takes over and does not change the registration or deletion.
When creating a BitMeUp account, a Woltlab forum account is automatically created. These accounts are created to the best of knowledge and belief, all data through the automatic tasks and processes of the Woltlab software continue to be legally used, changed or can be deleted.
Please note the privacy policy of the Woltlab software: Privacy Policy Forum Software
BitMeUp Chat-Software
The games use a chat system developed by the BitMeUp UG. This is based in all games on the same targets:
All chat messages are temporarily available on our chat servers for max. 3 minutes. During this time the messages will be written in our database.

•Alliance and Global Chat messages will be deleted after 14 days.
• All Whisper, private chat messages will be deleted after 7 days.

If messages are reported by a player, the message is saved permanently a ticket. Once the ticket has been processed, this and that chat message is deleted after 90 days.

Chat moderators in the game:
All chat moderators can only view global chat messages. this applies also for reported chat messages.

Team members can view all Global, Alliance and Private messages.

We expressly point out that private chat messages are accessed only if this message is reported by the creator or target persons or if there is a reasonable suspicion that an offense or a breach of terms and conditions or Game rules exists.
BitMeUp Payment
The BitMeUp UG commissions the payments for all games to XSolla Inc. to conduct and manage transactions.
For these purposes and for optimal deployment, we provide XSolla Inc. with the following information:
• User IDs to verify the user
• the universe, the world or the realm of the user
• the e-mail address of the user
• the language of the user
• the currency specified by the user or the currency derived from the language
• Game-related data (for example, days as long as the account exists, points, selected starting monster at Mebula)

These data are transmitted via encrypted connections.

XSolla Inc. is a professional company that has been works for many years with User data of their customers and ensure the best experience for the user in the purchase process, promotion and support of in-game goods, subscriptions or in-game currencies.
XSolla Inc. handles all inquiries and concerns before, during and after a purchase. For this purpose, the user can (at any time) reach the XSolla support via the XSolla Inc. provided Payment "Pay-Station" software.

For more information on Xsolla's privacy policy, please read here:
BitMeUp Support
The BitMeUp UG uses different support systems.

The BitMeUp portal, Damoria and Mebula use the email way to get requests.
• BitMeUp portal:
• Damoria:
• Mebula:

A user-written email or request at is then processed by the "Jira Service Desk" software. This software is categorized and Manages inquiries so that a team can find the best and most optimal way to solve them and find and perform a problem.
The BitMeUp UG uses all Atlassian recommended settings for retention periods and deletion. All data submitted by you here are kept strictly confidential and neither by BitMeUp nor by Passed on to Atlassian.

More information about the privacy of Atlassian and the Service Desk Software can be found here:

SpaceInvasion Classic uses an in-game ticket system. This will create an ingame message which can then assign a team member. The problem is access through the in-game messages System and will be clarified this this system. This feature is also available when the user not agreed to the in-game messages feature. In this case, he only see in-game messages from, or written to team members.

SpaceInvasion 2 uses an in-game ticket system. This is a separate from the in-game messages Ticket system in which the player can open tickets (or problems, requests or bug notifications). On these tickets, the player can answer without access to the in-game messaging system or the chat system agrees.

Damoria may occasionally cause requests to the In-game message system to be clarified. There may be cases where the team is writing to the player, for informations or clerifications e.g. a special castle was won / acquired.
Even in Damoria, the player can write with all team members, even if he/she does not agree with Ingame message terms.

The BitMeUp UG would like to expressly point out that no support is provided on TS3, Forum, IRC, telephone or other ways. We reserve the right to access one or more of these platforms if it helps to find a solution.
BitMeUp Portal

User data at registration:
All data provided during the registration process will be kept confidential. These are stored up to and including 90 days after termination of the contract.

These data are:
• e-mail address
• Username for each portal and forum
• the hashed password
• Affiliate ID (from which partner was linked)
• Referer users
• language
• Date of registration
• whether the newsletter has been approved
BitMeUp Portal: Data
The following data is collected during user-actions in the portal and services:
The player logs in:
• IP address
• Login time
• Service (app, game or portal) of the login

This data is kept for 90 days

The player connects or disconnects a game account, creates a new game account or deletes a game account:
It is logged:
• the action
• the game account
• the date
This data will be deleted after 360 days or upon deletion of the account.

The player wins in the BitMeUp lottery: A win entry with the winning number and the user name will be created.

This is deleted after 90 days.

The user wants to connect, disconnect, delete or log in to a BitMeUp account on a BitMeUp game or service. For this purpose, a temporary session is opened, which stores the IP address of the user to ensure that this access continues to be used Users can be assigned.
These sessions are valid for 1 minute and will be deleted immediately after expiration.

Login via Facebook and Google+
To ensure the link between BitMeUp account and Google+ or Facebook are the following Data saved:
• the user ID of your Google+ or Facebook account
• the link date
• the update date in case of a change or deletion of the link
After deleting the link, the external ID will be stored for 90 days for tracking purposes.
The use of SpaceInvasion 1 (SpaceInvasion Classic) and SpaceInvasion 2 happens via a global SpaceInvasion portal account.
To participate in SpaceInvasion, the user needs a BitMeUp account. The creation, management and deletion is fullfill via the BitMeUp portal (see above).
The processing of all payment transactions is carried out by XSolla. (see BitMeUp Payment )

The use of the chat is subject to the points of chat use (see BitMeUp Chat )
The following game actions are logged with the timestamp.
    The acquisition or use of Urplasma (Global as well as Uni) for the acquisition of premium goods,     Features or other game features. Acquisition of Assistants, Interdimensional Transmitters     Energy reserves, Free games on the Interdimensional Transmitter, Gifts or other premium features.     
The following data is stored:     
• the user ID     
• the amount or feature     
• the transaction number     
• the action     
• the timestamp     

    Additional data obtained from XSolla:     
• the IP address of the user     
• the country code of the user     
• the exact conversion rate of the transaction     
Please note: We do not store any payment information!     

This data is stored permanently until deletion of the     Space Invasion Portal accounts. This is necessary to be able to check packages with longer durations     and to grasp problems.     
We reserve the right to delete data that is no longer relevant.

    Game actions are logged.     
Please assume that we have all game actions logged like:     Building construction and deconstruction, research, fleet and defense construction,     alliances and all fleet activities.     

These data are stored as needed in between 30-180 days.

    In SpaceInvasion, various data (IP address, browser and system information) are     collected and subsequently evaluated for multi hunting.     
Furthermore, header and port queries are performed to detect the use of proxy service providers.     
We point out that the use of anonymization software (by our terms and conditions) is not tolerated!     

This data is stored for 60 days.
To use Damoria you need an BitMeUp account.

The administration of the BitMeUp account is subject to the privacy policy of the BitMeUp portal.

In Damoria itself, the following information can be given voluntarily:
• gender
• birthday
• place of residence
• country

This data can be deleted or changed at any time.
Deleting the Damoria account also deletes this data.

Payment-Actions are done by our payment-partner Xsolla (see BitMeUp Payment)

The use of the chat is subject to the points of the chat policy (see BitMeUp Chat)

The following game actions are logged with the timestamp.
Acquire gold, use gold or premium features.

Payment actions are permanently stored until the account is deleted. This is necessary to be able to check for long-duration packages and to solve problems.
We reserve the right to delete log entries that are no longer relevant.

All actions that are up- or downgrading a castle are logged.
Please assume that we have every game-related action around castles, Treasury, Market, Premium and all troop actions logged.

These action logs are deleted after 360 days.

In Damoria, various data (IP address, browser and system information) become collected and subsequently evaluated for multi hunting.

This data are stored for 90 days.
Players are able to registered in Mebula use a BitMeUp account and / or Facebook account to participate in the game.

For use via the BitMeUp portal:
• the registration, administration, login and deletion are handeld by the BitMeUp portal.
• All payments are processed by XSolla (see BitMeUp Payment ) will be performed

For the use via Facebook the Facebook API is used, which provides the BitMeUp UG the following data:
• Facebook ID of the account
• e-mail address
• Your Name
This data will be automatically deleted after 90 days after deleting the account.
Facebook reserves the right for legal purposes accesses and transactions of the Facebook payment interfaces and in the case of chargebacks, send this to BitMeUp or external agencies to process.

The use of the chat is subject to the points of chat use (see BitMeUp Chat )

The following game actions are logged with the timestamp.
All these game logs will be kept for 90 days.
    The acquisition and use of in-game items, glyphs,     Runes, attacks, monsters and premium features such as silver, gold or items     required, is logged.

    Editing, releasing (deleting) or modifying mebulies (monsters) is logged.     
A monster (Mebuly) will be completely deleted after 90 days.

    Once a player is listed in a ranking, the name and the monster team becomes     stored for the duration of the place in the ranking or as long as the account was not deleted.

    Player characters are not automatically deleted by the system.     
If the BitMeUp UG plans a deletion by inactivity, BitMeUp will     informed the player long time before the deletion by e-mail.